Monday, July 24, 2006

if you have a car you just got bring me photos of your favort car
if you have something in mind you like to see out of 100#cardstock only
please don't wait! send me photos of cars planes boat and trains buses or otherers you like to see please don't wait send me anything you like or i do now requested anything you like here in my blogger web site for free i don't want you creait card i don't want you to send me any money but thank's but no thank's i do this because people can't afford to pay because of buget issues and lay offs and loseing jobs shutting buissness is not good at all i do this for enertainment and edgacation to have a place were life is not all free but in my case i'll make that exspetion!
well i have freedom of speech on free paper models that i creat out of 100# card stock! i do this for a liveing this is my new life to creat wonderfull things that can do the impossable and tha hard not the weak in me i have type two diabetes i had it for 20 year still liveing heathy but not loss of membery data i love kids i do anything for kids free to enjoy my hard works i will have a lot of stuff in here
i have as follows

1. Lighting Mc Queen hot rookie popular racing car all ready in the working prossess!
2. sally
3.doc hudson
11 red
13.the king no 43
14 mia and tia
1 nintendo ds and new ds lite
with the magic wand inclueded.
the future wii new entertianment system
from nintendo with two hand held controllers
blue and red version only
2 motors moving parts new challenge
3.concept cars never seen in paper model stock formation ever
show car from the fabulous 50's fin models
station wagons new and olds ones
4 the lolamobel
5. lola bunny exclusive paper masters speical
bugs bunny all so inclueded.
buster bunny babs bunny
turn tables that will move no batteries ever needed
display stands
nintendo icons lots of them more will come
computure labtops all in one
hp printers all type new and old ones
with little print outs cool
a new art studios
a boom box a vacum cleaner
a fan an air condishner
a chair a table
house buildings
apple i pods
japan auto cars but i'm not japanees
model molding
cadillac sixteen the best ever created
head phones cd and cd players
cut out hafe of car showing all of the inside out
auto shows entertianment
and more!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey could you make a 1966 pontiac GTO like they had in the movie XxX?

5:28 PM  

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