Saturday, September 27, 2014

the papercraft of the future cars of today tommrow and beyond! ;)

anyway the concept cars I've been making out of complete 100% all cardstock! is just the starring of what will because of and what it well be in the next 10 years of a head of it's time! ;)
and here is the most of this one was I lot of hard works but that is not the answer? the answer is it has lots and lots of curves and you need a lot of skill to master the impossible difficulty's of how did you do that of cardstock? and the correct answer is rolling tubes you need rolling tubes! to make it work!
but don't roll it to much or it will over lap too much! and the 1988 Plymouth SlingShot Concept Car
is one of them to how it's shaping! just use your imagination and you do the rest! I get these ideas from concept car books in barns and noble book stores! car magazines internet images and so on
I could make every concept car in the world but it would work me out completely I do what I see I love to be in papercraft that has not been ever made in cardstock! some may be challenging to me some my not be a problem and some can be hard and some can be ez! ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

the parts of the 1988 plymouth slingshot concept car is awsome work done!

by me and my works hand draw free style  and by computer 3D graphics and colored by electronic paint brush ! and paint can in spots were in needed only to look like the real thing but only smaller!
I all so like to do a request from others people who like my works of 3D art works on concept cars only website and blog! and I been getting nothing yet! but I you really love what I do please link me to you websites or special blogs! ;) thanks again for your support on what I do for a living I have no job I can use free time any time on my hands to do any concept car that has not made in to cardstock 110ib thickness!

your friend for life until the end Michael bunny exclusive dazzo! c.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

now this is entertaining!

this is the best yet! never have I gotten better but this is one hot spot of a exotic sports concept car
I wish I could have one! you can! just download the pages on your color printer for free!
enjoy still more to come in the near future of arrow dynamics of either new old or past times!
if you don't have one then go out and buy one and color your way to perfection!

time for a new futurealistic paper model this time i'm really serious about you should too? ;)

the 2005 Maserati BirdCage Pininfarina 75 concept car is a hot one to pass you by! it was not too ez to build but it's worth a challenge! ;) enjoy the new look on 100% cardstock 110ib lots of work and no play! but if you really like my works please send me something to tell me or support me by not donating please no money is ever needed to make more beautiful and wonderful things out of paper you can give me ideas in my head but only a concept cars website only! that has not been in paper yet? ;) anyway enjoy my wonderful works! ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

this is great! all is done and collective!

the General Motors HX3 Concept hybrid van is now a MASTERPIECE! looking for someone to build it for Them Selfs! enjoy it! ;) XD!

the next lever is comming shaping of the future of concept cars and....

more! ;) the new General Motors HX3 concept hybrid van! of 1991! this was a success of yet again rolling rotating wheels and tires X2 this is the future of papercrafting paper models paper cars concept out of 100% cardstock! ;) yet! a nice design to the next level so? so! I love doing what my fans want in a paper model with rolling wheels it's like a whole new error to me as much to you!
is a winner of general motors concepts of the past and present and now today!;)
this will be my last model for today I'm going on vacation for a week only then I'll be back here on Monday morning doing more and more work on newer concept cars and vans and soon suvs!
august 25 2014 new stuff will be popping up here later! in the week so look for updates!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

here is the papercraft parts to be assmbled ! enjoy! but? paper cardstock axles is not incuded!

you have to make the axles yourself! ;) you have to glue them together to make a tube like cardstock from cutting out pieces of paper and rolling it up and glue it together! XD not hard is it now! just make them the right size and you'll be just fine! ;) if you want to wait! I'll draw the model out with a pencil test! and the idea I had on making the wheels move with the axles! rotate!

this is it my new concept car for today! ;)

this blog has not yet died! ;) but still will have new papercrafts to come! ;) but this is now going to be updated today! new paper model with exclusive rolling wheels and paper axles that where made from cardstock! out of tubes like axles but here is the trick do not glue the axles to the chasse or will not rotate! XD you will just have to use a hole cutter or a hole puncha to punch holes in the chasse just make shore there big enough to rotate! turn around and be able to roll on the floor like a matchbox car! but you have to do the axles yourself the size of lean on how to make them work with out a batters or engine motor no straw or wood or plastic or metal would works! but make shore you do the impossible it not really to do hard all you have to do is? use a netting needle and roll it throw the paper tube and use both hands to rub it together! until dries solid!

anyway the concept car is my first new idea to make a paper model to roll on all 4 wheels this was my idea but it was god and Jesus that gave it to me! and I love what I do and what people want in a paper model! enough chat right now I'm build the 1978 ford megastar concept car from (GHIA)
it's a concept car but it's also a ford company name it color is metallic orange? cool is 'in it? ;)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

the syd mead's new sentinel is excellent!

the big limousine called the sentinel 400 limo is made of completed card stock no stings attach!
and it's now free to anyone who want's a piece of art made out of papercraft have fun building it! as a collection and a collector! but? in the near future if I'm still alive make more papercrafts of syd mead's futurealistic cars from his art work's out of 100% papercraft designed to the maximum!
so now? enjoy this rear one hot model for a life time! the end!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

the new look on the 1985 ford probe v prototype concept car!

the remodeled new look on ford's window bubbled glass trick was a challenge to me!
and nice looking that impressed me a lot on technology here's how to do it! just cut out 3 pieces of the window and tape the together so that it matches the even sides of the body then? take your actor
knife and cut out the both sides of the body left and right only then slide both sides of the window inside the both of the ford body carefully then tape or glue it in so it will fit nicely remember your doing cardstock design so you can shape it like rounded and curly but don't fold it flat just do it step by step! here is some photos of the new look realistic looks of a concept design made out of card stock!