Wednesday, November 12, 2014

something wonderfull just happened to me yesterday! ;)

I was printing out the last page when all of a sudden the ink was fading out! I said to myself oh no!?
not now I was out of ink! and I said to myself again this was not good at all!
I look around there was no more ink to be found! this isn't happing to me now! nooooooo! I need to finnished this model but I something told me to look underneath my table top and I searched around and around until I saw a box of ink oh my god yes this is a miracle!!! ;) ;);) but??? the box was open and inside there was only one ink cartridges and I was hoping it was tri-color no.22 and it was and was unopened too! so God and Jesus helped me out to get the job done! thank god!! and Jesus helped me out to finnished what I needed to get done and I reprinted it again to make shore it would do the job for me! and it did! and now the model is completed!
The End! ;)


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