Saturday, March 29, 2014

the new look on the 1985 ford probe v prototype concept car!

the remodeled new look on ford's window bubbled glass trick was a challenge to me!
and nice looking that impressed me a lot on technology here's how to do it! just cut out 3 pieces of the window and tape the together so that it matches the even sides of the body then? take your actor
knife and cut out the both sides of the body left and right only then slide both sides of the window inside the both of the ford body carefully then tape or glue it in so it will fit nicely remember your doing cardstock design so you can shape it like rounded and curly but don't fold it flat just do it step by step! here is some photos of the new look realistic looks of a concept design made out of card stock!


Anonymous James Hefner said...

I hope you release this one. I made a paper model of the 1983 Ford Probe IV. You can barely see it in pictures of my Ford timeline; it is in the left front corner of my display case.

7:20 PM  

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