Thursday, January 01, 2015

the 3 Mercedes-Benz paper models wating to be build and more! to be made! up! xD

the Mercedes-Benz collection waiting to be build to profection! staring for left to right and a bouns as well!;) happy new years to everyone! it's build

ing your Mercedes-Benz time so get ready to crave your glue rulers and carve your x-acto knifes up to master the modeling exclusively make your very own paper model of Mercedes-Benz in a 3d demention! so now it's papercraft time!

enough! now it's time to introduce the models of 2015! first on line!
1.Mercedes-Benz f6oo concept suv 2005 next Mercedes-Benz c111 concept car 1970 and last will be the Mercedes-Benz research f1oo concept 1991 and a bouns a Mercedes-Benz logo bust! go's perfect with the Mercedes-Benz collection! and all FREE of charge! ;)


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