Tuesday, January 26, 2010

now the wind tunnel is complete!


now for completed image and the fan moves with a finger spin no batters or crankshaft needed!

don't glue the fan blade to rear axel but push it throu the hole of the fan blade! into the genarartor all the way back into the rear end of the engine then glue only one part and page 3 the smallest part wraparound the front axel only. enjoy building!


and more parts.


more parts completed! here they are.


Friday, January 22, 2010

something never ever! made out of cardstock! but i'm doing something new! it's called windtunnel do you know what a windtunnel is? will if you don't i'll tell you!

is't a fan blade like big and it's tested on cars and prototypes as well. and it's going to be somthing like this?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

everyones welcome here to visit so look around and see what you like to see here in this blog?
i'm allso doing request if you like a car concept it's going to be it can be any year it dose'nt matter. all is a photo of the car side front and back and if neasery the top ok. thank's this is my life i don't need a job to do it i do it for entertanment and for sharing so you can do your very own dream concept prototype areodinamic design detailed to the exstrems! newer stuff will be here so look for updates. so keep on dreaming idea's and i'll keep doing them for free!

Friday, January 15, 2010

and the results are successfully! all 4 wheels and tires and dub hubcaps spokes are complete.

ans so is the suv it self came out great!!!!!! more stuff comming soon look for more updates!

so i challenge myself to create the ultmatum 3D desinging 3 dementionit wheels and tires

and dub hubcaps spokes like reallistick as i can see throu to see the brake drums!

as you can see for yourselfs how it is done! steps are as follows.


now i was really in getting into suv's life style so i did a new 2010 ford flex concept suv with hot grape color


now for completed formation!


i wanted to make a big pink strech limo z with rainbow window like design details came out great!:)


now for the completed model pics.