Thursday, November 10, 2016


HI all now you all know that the regular show is ending this year I was hoping CARTOON NETWORK would not stop the regular show because I'm a huge fan of the whole series because I love everything about the Regular Show and the movie as well doing images of some of the regular props such as the Mordecai and Rigby's golf cart in out of commotion and Bensons truck jeep in busted cart! and Mr. Maellard's white stallion stretch limousine and now the all new papercraft of all
time! hand creafted and created by me! limosaurus final boss in limousine lunchtime! beatin by Mordecai and Rigby! this model is free I don't want your money your credit cards or pocket money I do this for free! do not steal this model or copys over it or clame it mine not yours either! you got that!! just enjoy it print it as many time as you like! or your can resize it how ever you like it! thank's if you watching this blog and please? give me credit! thank you and I hope CARTOONNETWORK DON'T SUE ME I'm not rich either! but enjoy my works of paper model art! I don't even have a job to spare! now on to the work sheets! and it's very very big! and has TWENTY SIX PAGES OF PARTS GALORE! so have fun building it! ;)