Wednesday, July 30, 2014

here is the papercraft parts to be assmbled ! enjoy! but? paper cardstock axles is not incuded!

you have to make the axles yourself! ;) you have to glue them together to make a tube like cardstock from cutting out pieces of paper and rolling it up and glue it together! XD not hard is it now! just make them the right size and you'll be just fine! ;) if you want to wait! I'll draw the model out with a pencil test! and the idea I had on making the wheels move with the axles! rotate!

this is it my new concept car for today! ;)

this blog has not yet died! ;) but still will have new papercrafts to come! ;) but this is now going to be updated today! new paper model with exclusive rolling wheels and paper axles that where made from cardstock! out of tubes like axles but here is the trick do not glue the axles to the chasse or will not rotate! XD you will just have to use a hole cutter or a hole puncha to punch holes in the chasse just make shore there big enough to rotate! turn around and be able to roll on the floor like a matchbox car! but you have to do the axles yourself the size of lean on how to make them work with out a batters or engine motor no straw or wood or plastic or metal would works! but make shore you do the impossible it not really to do hard all you have to do is? use a netting needle and roll it throw the paper tube and use both hands to rub it together! until dries solid!

anyway the concept car is my first new idea to make a paper model to roll on all 4 wheels this was my idea but it was god and Jesus that gave it to me! and I love what I do and what people want in a paper model! enough chat right now I'm build the 1978 ford megastar concept car from (GHIA)
it's a concept car but it's also a ford company name it color is metallic orange? cool is 'in it? ;)