Monday, August 18, 2014

this is great! all is done and collective!

the General Motors HX3 Concept hybrid van is now a MASTERPIECE! looking for someone to build it for Them Selfs! enjoy it! ;) XD!

the next lever is comming shaping of the future of concept cars and....

more! ;) the new General Motors HX3 concept hybrid van! of 1991! this was a success of yet again rolling rotating wheels and tires X2 this is the future of papercrafting paper models paper cars concept out of 100% cardstock! ;) yet! a nice design to the next level so? so! I love doing what my fans want in a paper model with rolling wheels it's like a whole new error to me as much to you!
is a winner of general motors concepts of the past and present and now today!;)
this will be my last model for today I'm going on vacation for a week only then I'll be back here on Monday morning doing more and more work on newer concept cars and vans and soon suvs!
august 25 2014 new stuff will be popping up here later! in the week so look for updates!