Saturday, September 27, 2014

the papercraft of the future cars of today tommrow and beyond! ;)

anyway the concept cars I've been making out of complete 100% all cardstock! is just the starring of what will because of and what it well be in the next 10 years of a head of it's time! ;)
and here is the most of this one was I lot of hard works but that is not the answer? the answer is it has lots and lots of curves and you need a lot of skill to master the impossible difficulty's of how did you do that of cardstock? and the correct answer is rolling tubes you need rolling tubes! to make it work!
but don't roll it to much or it will over lap too much! and the 1988 Plymouth SlingShot Concept Car
is one of them to how it's shaping! just use your imagination and you do the rest! I get these ideas from concept car books in barns and noble book stores! car magazines internet images and so on
I could make every concept car in the world but it would work me out completely I do what I see I love to be in papercraft that has not been ever made in cardstock! some may be challenging to me some my not be a problem and some can be hard and some can be ez! ;)


Blogger mike newton said...

fantastic mate! I'd lost your like until I saw one of your cars on (shiver) a pirate site. As soon as I get through my current list I'd love to put some of yours together!

4:32 AM  

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